Welcome to WindChill Labs

We are a small breeder dedicated to breeding the best, healthiest, amateur friendly hunting/trial dogs. All our dogs are health cleared by the OFA (at minimum Hips, Elbows, Eyes) to insure we maintain the best genetics to reproduce. We also prove our dogs as valued hunters by participating in AKC/UKC hunt trials. We pride our dogs as not just being trial dogs but real working hunting companions as well.

How it all began

Daya Welcome ImageIt all started when my good friends had a litter of seven lab puppies in the summer of 2011. Their black lab, Tikka, gave birth to four chocolates, two blacks, and one yellow pup. One of those pups, a chocolate male to be exact, would worm his way into my mom’s heart and right into our family. That chocolate pup was Zeus. Already adorned with his name, we soon realized how he had come to be called it.


Every time we went to visit our family friends at their cabin, Zeus, not yet a 3 month old pup, would wiggle his way around my mom’s chair to gently place his head on her shoulder. It was in that moment my mom knew she was going to bring him home. Zeus is now 100lbs+ worth of American Field style lab. He is my constant companion when I go out to the barn to ride horses, and is the best meat dog anyone could ask for. Thanks to Zeus and his mother Tikka, I decided that I wanted a companion for myself and I wanted it to be a Zeus sibling.


So when I heard Tikka was going to have one last litter I jumped at the chance to get a pup. I knew I wanted a female and my hopes were set on a yellow or chocolate. Boy did Mother Nature have other plans when Tikka delivered only 3 pups and all black with only one female. It was then I had a choice to make. Go with the only female and black to boot or give up my dream of having my own Tikka pup. Needless to say I stuck with taking the little black female home.


Named before she was even born, Zendaya, has exceeded all odds and expectations. Our journey together really took off when I wanted to try our local retriever club’s informal trial; from then on I knew we had something special.